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For This Year's Culture Day, Daycroft Montessori School Holds School-wide Science Fair; Elementary Students Present Experiment Results to Fellow Students and Parents

kids at daycroft science fair

ANN ARBOR, MI (February 11, 2009) – For students of Daycroft Montessori School in Ann Arbor, their recently completed science projects touched on everything from major scientific issues of worldwide significance to helpful information about consumer products for improved everyday living.

In some projects, Daycroft students researched the effects of climate change on polar bears, the environmentally friendly potential of magnetic elevation trains, how to anticipate and respond to hurricanes, and whether aerodynamically designed automobiles truly save on fuel, to name only a few globally urgent concerns.

Other projects applied the scientific method to evaluate the efficacy of common household goods. For example:

  • Do you know that Meijer's store-brand Premium Paper Towels are more absorbent and longer-lasting than some heavily advertised, national brands?
  • Do you also know that the Energizer Bunny is not just kidding around when she (or he?) makes the case that Energizer batteries last the longest?
  • If you have sought to save money on microwave popcorn by selecting lower-cost alternatives to Orville Reddenbacher and other big-name brands, fear not: Roughly the same percentage of kernels will pop no matter which of these products you choose. (An added finding: Jolly Time White Popcorn is excellent!)

Daycroft students explored such matters in their experiments, and they presented their results and conclusions to fellow students and parents at this year's Culture Day program at Daycroft's elementary school campus on Zeeb Road on Friday, February 6.

The event was an all-day, school-wide Science Fair. Students prepared for weeks in advance, with the types of projects they tackled depending on their grade levels.

Daycroft students from 3rd through 6th grade conducted individual experiments. Each student used the scientific process to pose a specific question or problem, conduct research, make a hypothesis, and perform an experiment.

Daycroft students at the kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade levels presented class projects.

Culture Day's Science Fair gave Daycroft parents a chance to observe the school's educational approach in action. Daycroft students selected their science projects based on personal interest, and took personal responsibility for seeing their experiments through.

About Daycroft Montessori School

Daycroft Montessori School is one of Washtenaw County’s leading independent schools. It began as a preschool program in 1968. Since then, Daycroft has grown to include a full-day kindergarten program, an elementary school program through 6th grade, before-school and after-school care, summer camp programs, and enrichment classes.

Daycroft Elementary School (grades K through 6) and Daycroft’s administrative offices are located at 1095 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Phone: (734) 662-3335.

Daycroft Preprimary School (preschool and kindergarten) is at 100 E. Oakbrook Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Phone: (734) 930-0333.


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