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Amazing Animals – Including a Baby Kangaroo – Pay Visit to Delighted Students at Daycroft’s Preprimary School

Ann Arbor, MI (May 12, 2009) – Preschoolers and kindergarteners at Daycroft Montessori School’s Preprimary School on Oakbrook Drive in Ann Arbor were today treated to a visit from Steve Marsh and several intriguing animals from The Creature Conservancy, an area organization dedicated to bringing humans and animals together in educational settings.

baby kangaroo

Marsh presented the animals and described their natural habitats. The Daycroft students brought donations of food for the animals. The children were particularly delighted with having a baby kangaroo hopping around the classroom.

About The Creature Conservancy and Copper Leaf Crossing

The Creature Conservancy’s goal is to cultivate a greater appreciation for the creatures with which humans share the planet. It is part of Copper Leaf Crossing, a 23-acre complex just southwest of Ann Arbor, dedicated to the care of companion animals.

Cooper Leaf Crossing is at the northwest corner of Ann Arbor Saline Rd. and Pleasant Lake Rd. It houses a veterinary hospital, a state-of-the-art pet boarding facility, experienced pet groomers, parks for dogs and other animals, and a store carrying an extensive range of pet supplies. Families and other animal enthusiasts are invited to visit Copper Leaf Crossing’s wildlife residents, which include goats, crows, emus, barking deer, wild turkeys, peafowl, sloth, and more.

More information is available from Copper Leaf Crossing, 4940 Ann Arbor Saline Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9782. Online: Steve Marsh of The Creature Conservancy can be contacted at (734) 929-9324.

Preschool at Daycroft

In a Daycroft preschool classroom, a child takes the first steps toward discovering the joy of learning. The Montessori Developmental Aims – Order, Independence, Concentration, Coordination, Self-Confidence, and Discipline – are introduced at this stage, and continue to be emphasized throughout the child’s Daycroft education.

Daycroft begins accepting children for preschool at a minimum age of 33 months. The preschool curriculum at Daycroft focuses on practical life, sensory education, language arts, mathematics, and creative play.

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About Daycroft Montessori School

Daycroft Montessori School is one of Washtenaw County’s leading independent schools. It began as a preschool program in 1968. Since then, Daycroft has grown to include a full-day kindergarten program, an elementary school program through 6th grade, before-school and after-school care, summer camp programs, and enrichment classes.

Daycroft Elementary School (grades K through 6) and Daycroft’s administrative offices are located at 1095 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Phone: (734) 662-3335.

Daycroft Preprimary School (preschool and kindergarten) is at 100 E. Oakbrook Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Phone: (734) 930-0333.


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