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Daycroft’s Academic Philosophy,
Mission, and Goals


Early childhood and elementary education at Daycroft incorporates a unique blend of the traditional Montessori approach complemented by traditional and progressive teaching methods. We share the belief of Maria Montessori and many other educators that children must be allowed to learn at their own pace. We recognize that children demonstrate intelligence in many ways and acquire understanding through many learning styles.

The mission of Daycroft Montessori School is to provide a personalized learning environment that appreciates individual differences, nurtures the whole child, and enables students to develop at their own pace and achieve to their full potential.


  • To provide the child with opportunities to work and cooperate within a mixed age group
  • To encourage each child to carry out assigned tasks and meet deadlines
  • To assess and challenge each child’s individual cognitive ability
  • To provide each child with a stimulating learning environment where he or she can work at his or her own pace
  • To make education “student-centered” and accommodate all learning styles

Character Education

At Daycroft Montessori School, education of character is considered equally with academic education. Our students learn to take care of themselves, their environment, and each other. They practice cooking, cleaning, building, gardening, moving gracefully, speaking politely, being considerate and helpful, doing social work in the community, and much more.

“I loved going to school at Daycroft because of all of the wonderful teachers and environment there.”

—Catherine Lillard, alumnus


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