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Daycroft Foundations

child completing a puzzle at DaycroftDaycroft Montessori School of Ann Arbor combines the proven student-centered learning style of Maria Montessori with traditional and progressive educational methods. This results not only in a highly personalized learning experience for your child – it also delivers exceptional academic results. Daycroft parents happily attest to this.

Daycroft Objectives

  • To provide your child with opportunities to work and cooperate within a mixed age group
  • To encourage your child to carry out assigned tasks and meet deadlines
  • To assess and challenge your child’s individual cognitive ability
  • To provide your child with a stimulating learning environment where he or she can work at his or her own pace
  • To make your child’s education “student-centered” and accommodate his or her own learning style
  • To have your child experience the joy of learning and become a lifelong learner

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