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Daycroft’s Elementary Grades 3-4 Curriculum

children using laptops at Daycroft

Language Arts

In grades 3-4, Daycroft encourages your child to read for enjoyment, while he or she learns how to acquire information from reading in a meaningful way. Literature assignments expand your child’s reading scope and provide personal growth experiences. Writing deepens your child’s understanding of what he or she is reading and studying. Your child practices writing across the Daycroft curriculum—in science, social studies, and math, as well as language arts. By building upon the writing skills gained in previous school years, your child expands his or her understanding of the uses of writing.

“I like Daycroft because we do a lot of experiments, read a lot of books, and we have art.”

—Nikita, Grade 4


Daycroft’s mathematics curriculum for grades 3-4 covers time, money, the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), graphing, fractions, and geometry. Third-grade students work with Montessori and Cuisenaire materials, while fourth-grade students primarily use the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill math series. Textbook material is aligned to Michigan educational benchmarks, yet allows for individualized learning based on your child’s skills and confidence level. In grade 4, we also introduce your child to algebra through the Hands-On Equations program. In both grades, your child works on deciphering and mastering word problems along with mastering the facts.

Science and Cultural Studies

children playing outside at daycroftDaycroft offers a two-year cycle of cultural studies in grades 3-4. The first year builds your child’s understanding of the world through the study of fossils, the Needs of Man, ancient civilizations, space, and oceans. In the second year, we focus on America through the study of Michigan, Native Americans, the Colonial Period, Westward Expansion, weather, and zoology. Cultural studies involve hands-on investigation, helping your child dive deeply into each topic. Each year, Daycroft students in grades 3-4 participate in Culture Day, a school-wide display of students’ learning in a particular area of cultural studies.

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