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Kindergarten for Young 5’s at Daycroft

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Is your child a “young 5”? Are you unsure of whether he or she will be ready for kindergarten this fall? Let us help you decide if your child will be socially, emotionally, and academically ready for kindergarten.

A Range of Ages in Our Kindergarten Classrooms

Kindergarten now or later – it can be a difficult decision for a young 5’s parents. The good news: Kindergarten at Daycroft can be the right choice whether your child’s birthday will put him or her anywhere from young 5 to 6 as the school year begins.

We can meet your young 5 child’s needs within a regular – though far from ordinary – Daycroft kindergarten classroom. Your child’s needs will be met as they move at their own pace within our prepared environment. This is in keeping with Daycroft’s Montessori-style approach of mixing multiple ages in preprimary and elementary classrooms.

And since Daycroft has two full-time teachers in every classroom, at every level, you can be sure your child will always get individualized attention.

How Daycroft’s Young 5 Program Works

We will start by assessing your young 5 child’s status just before the school year begins. A personalized learning plan will help us monitor his or her progress throughout the year. Then, late in the school year, we will reassess to determine your child needs for the next year.

Is kindergarten at Daycroft right for your young 5 child? Read about our kindergarten curriculum – fully compliant with Michigan’s Common Core State Standards – to help you decide. And learn more about the Daycroft difference.

Then please do not hesitate to call us to schedule your own personal tour of Daycroft’s kindergarten classrooms in action.

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