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Daycroft Summer Camps

Worlds to Explore...and Sprinklers to Run Through!

Come and spend your summer with us as we delight in Montessori-based activities ranging from art and science to sports and games.

Your child will be welcomed into our Montessori classrooms where a sense of wonder and order awaits.

Beginning lessons of Montessori – such as using rugs and trays – help define the play/work space. We introduce the importance of completing activities, taking turns, and interacting positively with friends. Our young campers explore practical life activities, and our sensorial works pique your child’s particular interests.

Daycroft’s Summer Camps provide care in a safe, nurturing environment where your child can run, jump, laugh, and sing with friends – and even learn a little along the way!

A Program Attuned to Your Child’s Age and Grade Level

Elementary Summer Camps (ages kindergarten through 6th grade) »
Preschool Summer Camps (ages 33 months to beginning kindergarten) »

Flexible Scheduling

Your child may join us for the whole summer or just a few weeks. Choose from half-day and full-day camps in any combination. Your child must be toilet-trained.

Not Enrolled at Daycroft? No Problem!

If your child is not currently enrolled at Daycroft, but you are interested in exploring our Montessori-style approach to personalized learning, enrolling your child in our themed Summer Camps may be a good way to go. In this case, there is a two-week minimum attendance requirement for your child.

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