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Testimonials: Memories from Daycroft Alumni

“Daycroft prepared me, in every way, for the world beyond elementary school.”

– Zoe Chrissos, Daycroft Alumna 2007

Zoe, who attended Daycroft through 5th grade, is now a junior at Greenhills School of Ann Arbor. She edits Greenhills’ literary magazine, is on Student Council, and performs in the spring musical, while exploring art, design, and photography. Zoe has also played field hockey, volleyball, and soccer at Greenhills. She looks ahead to a liberal arts education at an East Coast college – or perhaps even across the Atlantic. Watch the video »

“Daycroft was the foundation. It gave me the framework for how I think.”

– David Paolella, Daycroft Alumnus 2002

After attending Daycroft through fifth grade, David graduated from Dexter High School. He is now a junior at the University of Michigan, studying finance and accounting at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. David has interned with financial services firms, and has joined a social impact investment fund. He travels with his family and plays indoor soccer with friends. One of David’s greatest loves: his grandmother’s cooking. Watch the video »

“The passion, the drive, the work ethic I developed here at Daycroft became the foundation for what I do.”

–Charlie Kemp, Daycroft Alumnus 2002

After attending Daycroft from kindergarten through 6th grade, Charlie moved on to Dexter public schools for middle school and high school. He is now a senior in the University of Michigan’s School of Music, and he runs his own thriving business, Charlie Kemp Sax Studio, providing saxophone lessons to the musically inclined of all ages. At Daycroft’s 2011-12 Annual Giving Campaign Breakfast, Charlie spoke of what his learning experience here has meant to him. Watch the video »

“We learned how to learn – and to love learning.”

–Marissa Thompson, Daycroft Alumna 2005

When Marissa, who attended Daycroft through 5th grade, addressed the audience for Daycroft’s 2011-12 Annual Giving Campaign Breakfast, she was in the midst of her senior year at Greenhills School of Ann Arbor. And what an accomplished student she had proven to be: National Merit semi-finalist, 4.0 GPA, AP Scholar of Distinction. Marissa also played varsity basketball and field hockey at Greenhills, served on Student Council, and was a state forensics champion. After graduation, she plans to study chemical engineering at the University of Michigan or University of Pennsylvania. Of her Daycroft education, Marissa says: “I don’t think I could have had the experiences I had here anywhere else.” Watch the video »

“Daycroft rocks!”

“My time at Daycroft was so much fun. I loved it! My teachers made things fun and they taught in a way that was easy to understand. I learned a lot of cool tricks in subjects like math and writing. One trick I really liked in writing helped me learn cursive. I still use many of these tricks today.

“I really enjoyed after-school activities like jump rope, t-ball, coach pitch baseball, and soccer. The coaches and my teammates were so supportive of each other. It was never about winning and losing. We all depended on each other.

“Altogether, the only word I can use to describe my experience at Daycroft is: ‘Incredible!’ Daycroft rocks!”

—Kari Hart

“Wonderful teachers”

“I graduated from Daycroft after 6th grade in June 2004 and I now attend Greenhills High School. I loved Daycroft for the five years I was there. It had just been built on Zeeb Road when I started 2nd grade. The highlights of my years there were the evening musicals at Christmas, written by Sheila Chaps, and the Spring Play.

“I also remember, in 3rd and 4th grade, starting to learn time management, with the ‘3 before Thursday and 5 before Friday’ rule. I still use the same kind of concept that Mrs. Sperendi and Mrs. Wahl taught me.

“Our 5th and 6th grade garden incorporated science, gardening, and learning about the environment with Mrs. Szczechowski.

“I also loved the library and helping Mrs. Main re-file the books. I always found one I wanted to sit right down and read. I really looked up to Mrs. Main and thought she was so cool. I still do.

“I loved going to school at Daycroft because of all of the wonderful teachers and environment there.”

—Catherine Lillard

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