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Testimonials: What Students Say about Daycroft

“I like how the teachers are really funny and nice. I like how all of my friends are nice and supportive. I enjoy how there is always something fun and educational to do, and sometimes even parties!”

—Nicole – Grade 5

“I like Daycroft because the teachers are really nice, but they also want to push you to your limit. I also like Daycroft because there is a lot of diversity. I came here in the middle of the year and now I have so many friends. Daycroft is like a whole big family.”

—Sami – grade 5

“I like Daycroft because we do a lot of experiments, we read a lot of books, and we have art!” 

—Nikita – Grade 4

“I like how they teach things at Daycroft.”

—Michaela – Grade 3

“School here is very fun, exciting, and cool. You learn a lot about various things, from rocks to division. It’s great!”

—Catherine – Grade 5

“I like Daycroft because everyone is nice and kind. I made new friends very quickly. It is very nice here. Also, I like the teachers.”

—Yara – Grade 4

“I like Daycroft because it is fun and friendly. Daycroft is also an environmentally friendly school. My class is working to make our school a green school.”

—Peter – Grade 5

“I like Daycroft because it lets me work at my own pace and nothing is too hard or too easy. Daycroft is a great place in so many ways. The best thing about Daycroft is the culture of kindness.”

—Liza – Grade 2

"I love the teachers. I like the classrooms. I like the children. But most of all, I love the school.”

—Bridgette – Grade 3

“I like the principal because she is nice and cool!”

—Kaylee – Grade 5

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