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Why Daycroft?

The Daycroft Difference

At Daycroft, we share Maria Montessori’s belief that children learn best when they learn in their own way and at their own pace. Education here is student-centered—not only in appreciating our students’ differences and accommodating their individual learning styles, but also in the way our students are responsible for their own learning.

Learn more about our mission, values, and vision, and consider these Daycroft educational advantages: 
  • A personalized learning plan, continually updated, for your child.   At Daycroft, there is no “one size fits all” approach to learning.
  • Responsibility and accountability, challenge and achievement. At Daycroft, your child will commit to and take ownership of, the tasks of carrying out his or her assignments. As our students eagerly seek out and meet new challenges, they steadily develop their skills and talents and achieve their full potential.
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio at all grade levels. This enables Daycroft teachers to accommodate their child’s individual learning style. Daycroft’s student-to-teacher ratio is 13:1 or less in elementary school, 12:1 or less in kindergarten, and 10:1 or less in preschool.
  • Multiple ages and grades in each classroom. Each of Daycroft’s elementary school classrooms includes two grades, and our preprimary school classrooms accommodate a range of early-childhood ages. This lends continuity to the Daycroft educational experience as your child progresses through the curriculum. Also, older children serve as mentors to younger children in our classrooms.  We provide an ideal balance of teacher direction and student choice. At Daycroft, your child takes the first exploratory steps on his or her learning path, yet is guided at all times by attentive, professional teachers.
  • Cultural diversity. In Daycroft’s truly diverse environment, your child learns alongside students from many ethnic, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds. This helps open your child’s eyes to the wider world and prepares him or her for success and leadership as a global citizen.
  • A strong partnership between your home and the school. Parental participation is encouraged throughout your child’s experience at Daycroft. This enriches your child’s education and creates a Daycroft community extending beyond our students, teachers, and administrators.

“I’m convinced that Daycroft gives children the solid foundation they’ll need to be successful in their future endeavors.”

—Terri Middleton, mother of Lauren, Mark, Paul, and Jake

Daycroft School students playing in the school gym.
Boys collaborating in the Daycroft classroom.
Young boy working on a project in the Daycroft classroom.
Young girl playing outside at the Daycroft School.