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Portrait of a Daycroft Graduate

They think deeply and flexibly.

Through the whole-child model of education, Daycroft graduates have cultivated extensive roots of knowledge. When confronted with new challenges and opportunities for learning, they can draw on a wealth of past experiences and information acquired through years of meaningful engagement with their education.

They create and innovate.

Daycroft graduates explore all avenues of creativity and self-expression, discovering who they are in the process of refining their skills and expanding their knowledge. Their creative outlook and self-awareness allows them to develop unique solutions to problems.  With innovation as a key element of their education, Daycroft graduates succeed in challenging situations that require unconventional solutions.

They are confident and collaborative.

Daycroft graduates foster a deep appreciation of their learning environment and a sense of place and purpose that radiates outward into the greater community. Through constant collaboration, students develop skills for working together and an appreciation of the contributions of each individual. They learn that together they are stronger.  

They engage with the world around them.

Daycroft graduates learn to “be the change they want to see in the world.” Throughout their years at Daycroft, students grapple with complex world issues and learn to think about themselves as agents for change in their classroom, school, community, and world. Situated alongside a protected wetland, Daycroft cultivates a deep love and appreciation of nature.

They are inspired, life-long learners.

Daycroft graduates have learned that education is not something that is passively done by a teacher while you sit in a desk. Daycroft graduates are driven to actively explore, learn, and excel. It is not done in order to achieve the right grade but because of an intrinsic desire for knowledge and motivation to reach their potential. These traits set students up to be lifelong learners. Daycroft graduates experience the enduring value of a true education.