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Daycroft’s Kindergarten Curriculum

child working on math problems at DaycroftIn a Daycroft kindergarten classroom, your child makes the vital transition between preschool and elementary school. He or she begins to work and cooperate within small groups, moving toward the group emphasis of an elementary classroom. Your child carries out assigned tasks and completes them within the time allotted. An individualized learning plan allows your child to begin work at his or her own level and steadily progress to the best of his or her abilities.

Practical Life and Sensorial Education

In the kindergarten classroom at Daycroft, your child continues to engage in various activities designed to help him or her learn skills needed in daily life and develop his or her concentration, coordination, confidence, focus, and order. These activities help prepare your child for learning language and mathematics.

Language Arts

Daycroft’s kindergarten curriculum works to prepare children who are ready to read and provides additional challenges for those who are already reading. Writing is also an important part of our language work. Your child learns to form letters, express his or her thoughts, and learn basic skills in sentence structure.

“Everything you do as a parent today will have a lasting effect on your child. As a Daycroft dad, I’m thankful we enrolled our children here.”

—Alan Gregory, father of Sam and Jack


Daycroft’s kindergarten classroom takes a highly visual, hands-on approach to math, using Montessori Mathematics materials. These materials introduce children to working within the decimal system. Your child also orders numbers, writes numbers, and is introduced to static addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Science and Cultural Studies

In kindergarten your child studies history, geography, and science. Hands-on activities and experiments reinforce learning and develop creativity. In addition, teachers, family members, and guest speakers share stories and traditions from their native lands to help children gain a better understanding of their diverse classroom friends.

Young 5

Is your child a young 5? We can meet your young 5 child’s needs within our Daycroft classroom at Oakbrook. Your child will move at his or her own pace within our prepared kindergarten environment.

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