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Giving to Daycroft

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As one of Ann Arbor's leading private schools, Daycroft School depends on the financial support of members of our community. If you are fortunate enough to have the resources to donate, please know that your contribution will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between what Daycroft’s tuition covers and what it really takes to operate, maintain, and improve the school.

There are three easy ways to donate and make a difference at Daycroft.

1. Donate to the Annual Fund, which is a yearly fundraising drive to help cover the costs of delivering a great Montessori-inspired education to our students.

2. Donate your time or financial support to the Daycroft Parent's Guild.

3. Attend and give at the Daycroft Annual Benefit, which is usually hosted in the early spring.


The National Association of Independent Schools, in their booklet “Gifts That Give Back,” defines the following types of financial contributions. All are possible at Daycroft. Please consider what approach to donating works best for you. Then please contact us at (734) 662-3335 if you would like to know more about contributing.