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Grades 3-4


As students progress through grades 3 and 4 at Daycroft, they begin participating in more in-depth research projects that are integrated with hands-on activities and advanced exploration. They are encouraged to discover and explore topics and subjects in ways that emphasize curiosity and leadership while continuing to build upon a love of learning and respect for others.


In the 3-4 classrooms, we strive to move students from the concrete- or material-driven model to the abstract or mental math concept. Math is taught through small group instruction and individual attention is given when needed.

Students begin in third grade with the Montessori materials or other educational resources to supplement the program. In fourth grade, math is taught using the Math in Focus: Singapore Math program.

Montessori materials supplement the series as students advance towards abstract concepts.



Utilizing the Montessori method of teaching and learning in the science lessons, students in grades 3-4 cover an extensive list of topics including:

  • Fossils                                                     
  • Oceans
  • Physical Science
  • Botany
  • Solar System
  • Health and Human Body
  • Ecosystems
  • Zoology
  • Great Lakes
  • Weather



As part of Daycroft’s mission, we seek to nurture respect, empathy and compassion as we develop future global citizens and leaders. To that extent, students in 3-4 have lessons in:

  • Land forms
  • Timeline of life
  • Needs of humans
  • Timelines of humans
  • Ancient civilizations
  • Map and globe skills
  • Continents, countries and flags
  • Native Americans
  • Michigan
  • U.S. History -Colonial Period
  • Our Country Divided - The Civil War Period
  • Westward expansion
  • Immigration
  • Inventions



Spanish is an academic class at Daycroft with an emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students in 3-4 continue to build on their Spanish vocabulary and grammar while learning more about Hispanic cultures around the world.



In grade 3 and beyond, students continue to develop music reading skills, singing alone and in groups and can sing simple songs in parts.

Also, in grade 3, the ukulele is introduced! In grade 4, students begin to advance to string instrument instruction, ensemble work and music theory.



In Daycroft’s art studio, students in grades 3-4 students express their creativity in lessons that include drawing, painting, ceramics and 3D construction. They also learn about different materials, techniques and how to care for supplies.


Health and Wellness and Outdoor Education

This program offers a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities for students. In addition to our gorgeous gymnasium and multiple-acre campus surrounded by wetlands, we give students the opportunity to develop healthy choices and sustaining lifestyle habits that promote good health and well-being. Daycroft’s garden, pond and wetlands provide many opportunities for children to explore and learn about nature while reinforcing classroom lessons in math, language arts and cultural studies.


field trips*

  • MSU Extension’s Rural Education Days
  • Jiffy Silos
  • Toledo Zoo
  • Henry Ford Museum and Ford Rouge Plant
  • Maple sugaring at the Metro Parks 
  • Project RED Saline Fairgrounds (agriculture in Michigan, Michigan products)
  • Spicer’s Apple Orchard
  • St. Joe’s Health Exploration Station
  • U of M Kelsey Museum

*Currently dependent upon COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.


Daycroft students participate in all subjects