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Grades 5-6

Math in the 5-6 classroom is taught using the Math in Focus program.  Our goal is for students to move from the abstract to the concrete.  Math is taught in small group lessons.  Individualized attention can be given to students when needed.  Over the two-year period, we focus on:

Number sense
Geometric concepts in plane and solid geometry
Algebraic concepts
Algebraic equations
Statistics and sampling

Science is taught as whole class lessons.  We often break out into small groups for activities and projects.  Research is done as individuals or with partners. Over the two-period we cover the following topics:

Earth systems
Rocks, minerals and fossils
Geological events
Water cycle
Organization of living things
Classification of plants and animals
Environmental science
States of matter
Forces and motion
Magnets and electricity

Culture is taught as whole class lessons with small group projects.  Research is done as individuals or as partners.  Over the two-year period, we cover the following topics:

Racial literacy - Pollyanna Curriculum
Indigenous peoples of the Americas
Ancient Civilizations
European exploration
African life before the 16th century
Three world interactions
European struggle for control of North America
Life in Colonial America
Causes of the American Revolution
The American Revolution and is consequences
Creating a new government and new constitution
Events in American History and World History
Civics and government

Writing at this level is based on the Lucy Calkins writing program. The students focus on paragraph structure and developing complex thoughts and analysis of information. They also work on creating dynamic opening and closing paragraphs. A variety of papers are written.

Persuasive essays
Research papers
Speech writing
Public speaking
Newspaper articles for the school newspaper
Grammar and punctuation studies

Special Programs

STEM and Engineering projects
Kindergarten buddies
Greek and Latin
Literature study and book reports
Student Council
Culture Day
Peace Education

Field Trips

Field trips vary depending on the unit of study and time of year.  
Guest speakers are brought into the classroom for various presentations.