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Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons at Daycroft

Ashley Grebe: Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele / 734.662.3335
Gabriel Merrill-Steskal: Piano /509.899.0963

Private lessons are the best way for your student to progress musically on an individualized path at their own pace. In these private lessons, students will learn the proper technique of their instrument, music theory, and musicality. Private lessons will open the door to a lifelong love of music.

Lessons will take place in half hour time slots. 45-minute slots can be arranged for advanced students. The schedule will be created upon enrollment by communicating directly with the teacher on a first come, first served basis.  

Students awaiting their lesson time may go to aftercare free of charge. Students returning to aftercare after their lessons will be charged for this service at the usual rate of $5 per half-hour, per student. 

Necessary instruments and supplies are to be provided by the student. Most string instruments can be rented from Shar music in Ann Arbor. Before renting or purchasing an instrument please consult with your student’s teacher. Instruments and music must be brought to each lesson.

Practice at home is an essential part of learning any musical instrument. Individual teachers have recommendations of frequency and amount of practice, but it is a requirement for all lessons. 

Make Up Lessons
Make up sessions will be scheduled only if the teacher must miss a scheduled lesson date. There are no make-ups required for days on which school is closed or students miss the lesson.

Enrollment and pricing will be per semester and through Michele McGrath, Program Director at Daycroft.

There will be a performance opportunity for all the enrichment students at the end of the semester.  Students may also choose to perform at the monthly Community Gatherings during the school year.

Second Semester private lesson fee will be $490
This fee may be split into 2 equal payments of $245; due January 17 and March 17
Or 4 equal payments of $122.50; due January 17, February 18, March 17, and April 17