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Pillars of Montessori

At Daycroft, we are committed to creating school and classroom environments inspired by Montessori principles that:

• provide uninterrupted work periods with deep learning cycles.
• create flexible, dynamic classrooms that foster creativity, inspiration and engagement.
• maintain a peaceful and ordered environment that blends freedom of choice with personal responsibility.
• maximize access to the outside world and nature.
• utilize thoughtfully designed materials that nurture respectful use, independent exploration and focused learning.

At Daycroft, we are committed to a Montessori-inspired learning approach that:

• provides student-centered support with individualized academic and social-emotional learning.
• inspires intrinsic motivation, perseverance and a love of learning utilizing hands-on materials.
• fosters independent learning through dynamic, experiential methods.
• celebrates and encourages multiple intelligences and varied learning styles.
• gives space and time for personal reflection.

At Daycroft, we are committed to fostering human relationships that:

• are rooted in mutual respect for all members of the community.
• exemplify dynamic interactions through multi-age classrooms.
• encourage home and school engagement and partnerships.
• allow each student to develop self awareness, self-acceptance and self-esteem.
• emphasize peace, empathy  and global citizenship.
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