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We are often asked, "How do your students do when they leave Daycroft?"
A recent graduate received the following comments from his middle school teacher:
“Tim engages with the classroom.  He is quick to recognize when he does not understand something.  What is really unique for a 6th grader is that he is unafraid to ask for clarification or help. I think this is his Montessori educational foundation coming through. It is clear to Tim that school is for learning not for knowing the answers. He is completely engaged in the process of learning.”
“Creative and productive, orderly and interesting, stimulating and fun”
Kathleen Hadley, Mother of Daycroft alumna Paige Munroe
“Daycroft is where Paige received a foundation for her entire education. The environment we entered into here was creative and productive, orderly and interesting, stimulating and fun. Paige learned to love learning, and to be a leader. The relationships formed at this school last a lifetime.”
“An incredible learning environment”
Terri Middleton, mother of Lauren, Mark, Paul, and Jake
“Daycroft has been an incredible learning environment for my children. They have not only grown academically, they have also gained important social and leadership skills. It’s wonderful to see how they approach new problems with confidence and creativity.
“Daycroft’s low student-to-teacher ratios, along with the flexibility and skill of the teachers, have allowed each of my children to flourish, even though they have different personalities and learning styles. I’m convinced that Daycroft gives them the solid foundation they’ll need to be successful in their future endeavors.”
“Tremendously enriching”
Barbara Ruwende, mother of Shamiso, Rutendo, and Yeukai
“The cultural diversity within the Daycroft community is tremendously enriching, both for my children and for our family as a whole. My children interact with other children from all over the world. I believe this will be beneficial for them as they grow, and when they are adults taking part in the global community that the world is fast becoming.
“The Montessori approach to teaching allows my children to develop an awareness that they are individuals who have value in their own right. This empowers them to be confident girls who are affirmed, and this, I believe, is what has encouraged their academic progress.
“Daycroft is a unique school that is nurturing and developing unique human beings who will be well prepared to be productive citizens with sound ethics and an empathetic disposition to the social issues in our country and the world in general.”
“A lasting bond”
Alan Gregory, father of Sam and Jack
“Do you remember who your best friend was in 2nd grade? When you stop and think about your childhood, you might realize that everything you do as a parent today will have a lasting effect on your child.
“I’m thankful as a Daycroft dad that we enrolled our children here. Our slice in time of the dynamic Daycroft community began when we enrolled our oldest son about eight years ago, and sadly we have only a few years before our youngest son moves on to middle school.
“At Daycroft I’ve served as a lunchroom parent, participated in workgroups that maintain the school, helped with extracurricular sporting activities (it’s not the win or lose but who brings the healthy snacks!), and many more activities. My boys will be adults way too soon, so I’m thankful for the opportunities Daycroft provides to build a lasting bond.”
“We cannot do better”
Terri and Mark Fisher, parents of Andrew and Brooke
“At Daycroft, the teachers, children, and parents work as a team. The teachers do an excellent job of meeting the children where they are academically. They challenge students and encourage them when they need more attention and assistance.
“As parents who believe strongly in the Montessori method, we feel we cannot do better for our children’s education.”
“Truly no child is left behind”
Debra LaMay, mother of Chloe
“When it was time for our daughter to enter kindergarten, relatives introduced us to Daycroft. They had a daughter attending kindergarten at the Oakbrook campus. They spoke very highly of the school, the faculty, and the Montessori teaching method.
“I visited the Oakbrook campus and met the admissions administrator, a preschool teacher, and a kindergarten teacher. Later I toured the Zeeb campus and met with the Head of School and various faculty members. Each person I spoke with was warm, friendly, and extremely helpful in answering my questions.
“Daycroft’s low student-to-teacher ratio, with two teachers in each classroom, and its ‘learn at your own pace’ teaching philosophy, so that truly no child is left behind, were important to us. We like the school’s emphasis on independence and creativity, along with its dedication to fostering a spirit of community among the students and their families. Daycroft’s strong commitment to cultural diversity and to developing awareness to the needs of others put Daycroft at the top of our list of school choices.
“My husband and I decided to enroll our daughter in the Zeeb campus kindergarten program. We were very pleased with her teachers and the Montessori kindergarten program. Our daughter enjoyed her experience and learned much more than we ever imagined. She is now attending first grade at Zeeb.”