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Enrichment Classes

Before and After School Care

Daycroft recognizes the needs of working parents and provides a safe, play-filled environment for students before class time begins and after class time ends.

Before-school care begins at 7:30 am at both campuses. After-school care is also available at both campuses until 6:00 pm.  Activities include outdoor play, crafts, games and story telling.

After-School Enrichment Programs at Daycroft School

Please email Auxiliary Program Director, Michele McGrath, at with questions.

Second Semester Enrichment Classes:  January 21 – May 21, 2020

Please note:  There will be NO Enrichment Classes when school is not in session.  This includes days off such as Mid-Winter Break, Conference Days, Spring Break, Good Friday, and Snow Days, should they occur.  Any additional days requested by the teacher are included in the class description below.

Game & Sk8 Board Club — Instructor — Bonnie Dingman
Monday – 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Grades:  2nd — 6th
Fee:  $150
Location:  3-4B Classroom & Front Soccer Field and Blacktop Area

Who likes to play games you already know and learn new ones too?  Join your friends and take the challenge to learn something new, all while having fun doing it!  After Spring Break, weather permitting, students will have the opportunity to skateboard or play games outside!
Helmets and skateboards must be provided by the student.  Helmets MUST be worn and protective gear, such as elbow and knee pads, are highly recommended.  Come join the fun!

Robotics Club — Instructor — Ian Moyer & Amy Morrell
Tuesday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Grades:  2nd — 6th
Fee:  $255
Location:  Library

Robotics Club is a fun, exciting, opportunity for students to explore the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) in a way that helps develop their team building and problem solving skills. This year we will be exploring urban development!! In this program, students will research and discuss different topics, learn from experts in the field, create a poster that highlights their findings, build a motorized Lego model and program it to address the concepts of urban development and then present their knowledge at an expo. To develop their model, students will learn the fundamentals of innovation by designing, building, programming, testing, and iteratively improving on their solution. This program will follow the well-established and renowned FIRST curriculum (

Black Belt Academy Martial Arts - Zeeb — Instructor — Brandon Lockman
Tuesday – 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Grades: Y5/K — 6th, no experience necessary
Fee:  $230
Location:  Gym

Black Belt Academy teaches children how to act and react, in a positive manner, to various situations.  The class goal is to teach the children to control aggression while encouraging them to be assertive.  In their training, children receive regular exercise, which helps them to improve their coordination and motor skills.  Non-violent problem-solving techniques will be taught.  This class promotes personal, social, and scholastic growth.  Bring a snack and water bottle to class.  No class February 25th & May 12th — Testing Weeks

Mini Hands-On Technology — Instructor — Bill Joyce
Tuesday – 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Grades:  Oakbrook & Zeeb Preschool, Y5/Kdg. & 1st (Maximum 10 students)
Fee:  $300
Location:  3-4A Classroom

Students had so much fun in the Robotics Summer Camps that Mr. Bill is bringing his classes to our enrichment program! Mini Hands-On Technology is a fun & interactive opportunity for the younger students to explore the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through Jr. Tinkering kits, LEGO concepts, Ozobots & much more.  Oakbrook students are invited to join in the fun at the Zeeb campus.

Daycroft Chess Club — Instructor — Chess Wizards
Wednesday – 3:30 to 4:30 pm (minimum 8 students needed)
Grades: Y5/K – 6th (no experience necessary)
Fee:  $300
Location:  Library

Improve decision-making, strategic thinking and emotional development!  Develop concentration, improve academic performance and behavior!  Be a part of a successful Chess Academy! Chess Wizards is offering specifically designed classes that cater to all levels of chess ability. Each child is challenged by fun games and lessons from real Wizard teachers. The academy is successful because their approach is unique. Classes and lessons are based around original, fun, and high-energy Chess Wizards curriculum. Regardless of a child’s ability Chess Wizards makes chess fun all!  No Class:  April 15th 

Musical Theater — Instructor — Aislinn McKeown
Wednesday - 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Grades:  2nd — 6th
Fee:  $255
Location:  Kindergarten Room & Gym

Students will be introduced to the art of musical theater through singing, dancing, and acting! The lessons and activities throughout the semester will provide students with a great foundation to become a musical theater actor. Students will perform in the Performance Arts Showcase at the end of the semester.

Black Belt Academy Martial Arts - Oakbrook — Instructor — Brandon Lockman
Wednesday – 3:30 to 4:15 pm
Ages:  3 to 6 years of age, Oakbrook Preschool Only
Fee:  $210
Location:  Oakbrook Multi-purpose Room

For the 3 – 6 age group, we offer an age specific curriculum that is both educational and entertaining! Each class has a theme focused on developing various skills to help your child achieve success. Martial art skills are paired with life skills to further enhance young childhood development. Fun-filled skills include:  focus, control, balance, coordination, discipline, memory, teamwork and fitness.
No class:  February 26th & May 13th — Testing Week

Girls On The Run (GOTR) — Coaches — Bonnie Dingman & Aislinn McKeown
Thursday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Grades: 2nd — 6th (minimum 4 girls needed)
Fee:  $240
Location:  Gym

Girls on the Run is a physical activity-based, positive youth development program designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological and physical competencies to successfully navigate life experiences.  The fee includes healthy snacks, GOTR water bottle, GOTR t-shirt and 5K registration fee.  No class:  March 12

Open Studio Art — Instructor — Suzanne Higgins
Thursday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Grades:  Preschool — 6th — (maximum 12) - FULL
Fee:  $240
Location:  Art Studio

Daycroft’s Art Studio will be open for students to create, based on their own interests. Some young artists might choose to spend their time on work they have in progress while others might create additional pieces.  All materials will be available ranging from drawing, painting, and construction to clay.  No class:  March 12

Homework Club — Instructor — Niki Buchanan
Thursday – 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Grades: 3rd — 6th
Fee:  $160 (minimum 4 students needed)
Location:  5-6 Classroom

Need some extra time finishing a project, extra instructional time with a concept, or just a little time to do some homework with the Montessori materials or read a good book?  Join the club and get the job done!  No class:  March 12

String Starters:  An Introduction to Violin — Instructor — Ashley Grebe
Continuation for First Semester Students ONLY — Individual lesson times available on a first come, first served basis
Fee:  $250
Location:  Music Room

These beginner lessons will continue to introduce young students to the fundamentals of violin playing through games and simple songs.  Students will continue to learn the parts of the violin, playing positions, basic technique, and simple melodies.  Students will continue this class privately with Ms. Grebe to accommodate individual needs.  Students should be able to continue practicing at home (with their parents as needed) several times a week.  Violins should be rented through Shar Music by each individual student.

Hands-On Technology — Instructor — Bill Joyce
Friday – 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Grades:  2nd — 6th
Fee:  $300
Location:  Library

Come join an extension of the fantastic robotics classes that were offered this summer at summer camp!  Students will learn the basics of building, programming, design, and electronics through a series of hands-on projects.  Topics will range from building a color-mixing lantern to creating our own Lego soccer team to playing strategy & logic games.  We’ll build functional circuits out of paper and navigate through obstacle courses with Pro-Bot Cars! 

Wide World Sports Sponsored Soccer — Coach Billyle & Bonnie Dingman
Friday – 3:30 to 4:30 — April 17th — May 15th ONLY (weather permitting)
Grades:  Y5/Kdg. — 6 (Minimum 4 students)
Fee:  $50

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of soccer and engage in soccer matches, building their knowledge of the game and its rules, agility, ball skills and technique from Daycroft's sponsor Wide World Sports Complex, weather permitting.  

Private Piano Lessons with Mr. Gabe
Monday – 3:30 to 6:00 pm — Lesson times determined on a first come, first served basis - maximum 5 - FULL
Grades:  Y5/Kdg. — 6
Fee:  $490
Location:  Music Room
*Please see Private Lesson tab for registration details

A native of Ellensburg, Washington, pianist Gabriel Merrill-Steskal studies with Logan Skelton and Matthew Bengtson at the University of Michigan. He is currently pursuing two masters degrees in performance (piano and fortepiano), and he recently won second prize at the 1st Sfzp International Fortepiano Competition. He graduated summa cum laude from Whitman College in 2018, where he studied piano with David Kim and completed a double major in music and chemistry, receiving the Campbell Award for outstanding senior recital. He has also studied with Malcolm Bilson, Norman Krieger, and John Pickett. Aside from all things piano, Gabriel enjoys spending time outside running and rock climbing.

Private String Lessons with Mrs. Grebe
Monday through Thursday — 3:30 to 6:00 pm — Lesson times determined on a first come, first served basis
Grades:  Y5/Kdg. — 6
Fee:  $490
Location:  Music Room
*Please see Private Lesson tab for registration details

A native of Chicago, Ashley Grebe has performed on stages and taught music in the US, Europe, and Asia for over 15 years. She earned her Bachelor of Music in music education from DePaul University as well as her Master of Music in string instrument education and pedagogy from Tel Aviv University. In addition to teaching all music courses at Daycroft, she is also the artistic director of the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic. She is an active performer of classical music, playing as a substitute violinist and violist in several orchestras at the University of Michigan; she is also a member of the Detroit Irish Music Association where she plays traditional Irish fiddle. She is passionately curious about music and instruments from around the world, having studied everything from violin to ukulele, west African djembe to Indonesian gamelan. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, watching comedy, traveling, and painting.