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Kindergarten Through Grade Sixth Camps

Daycroft Discovery Days - Elementary - Zeeb Road campus


For your Young 5 & Kindergarten through 6th grade child, Daycroft Discovery Days is open to all students,
regardless of school attended.  All camps are designed for the student entering the grade specified in the Fall, 2019.
Daycroft School offers 9 weeks of fun – all at our beautiful Zeeb Campus, surrounded by nature,
about a half-mile north of Jackson Road, on Ann Arbor's west side.

All Elementary Camps are offered as Full-day Camps - 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Elementary Ages:  Young 5 & Kindergarten through Grade 6

Please provide a healthy, substantial snack for your camper each day and a water bottle, clearly labeled with your child's name.
Swimsuits & towels for sprinkler fun and any extra clothing should also be labeled with your child's name.
*Please apply sunscreen to your child before camp.*

Lunch & Recess will occur between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday:  Send a sack lunch that does not require warming for your camper.
Every Friday:  All campers will enjoy a cheese pizza lunch which is included in the cost of the camp.
You may also bring a sack lunch on Friday, if you would prefer your child not have pizza.
*Please remember to label your child's lunch with their name.*


You will find descriptions & tuition details about individual classes, including dates and fees, in the list of Summer Camp classes.
Take advantage of our early registration discount for many Young 5 & Kdg. - 6th grade classes! 
The price for our Young 5 & Kdg. - 6th grade classes currently reflects the discount.
After March 31, 2019, prices will increase by $20 per full day class.

No refunds are given after May 1, 2019 however, credit will be applied toward another 2019 camp.

Young 5 & Kdg. - 6th Grade Camp Hours

Drop-off:  8:00 – 9:00 a.m.    -    Camp:  9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.    -    Pick-up:  4:15 - 4:30 p.m.     
Before-care is free of charge during the Drop-off hour.  After-care from 4:30-5:00 p.m. is available for $25 for the week.
There is a strict $5/minute per child late fee for all campers picked up later than 5:00 p.m. 

Week 1 – June 10 – 14

Junior Robotics:  Fun with Robots!
Instructor:  Bill Joyce
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 2  **maximum 12 students

Come learn the basics of building and programming using robots!  Navigate a Pro-Bot Car, solve challenges with Ozobot, create special codes, and build & program projects with gears, pulleys, motors, sensors, Legos and more! 
Little or no reading required…perfect for young thinkers!
Fee:  $265


Sphero Fun!
Instructor:  Amy Morrell
Grade level:  3 – 6  **maximum 15 students

Roll in for a great week of robotic fun with Sphero SPRK and Sphero Mini Robots!  Learn to drive your robot in different modes, create obstacles for challenges and play games with the robots too!  Practice coding to maneuver your robot the way you want and we’ll even use robots to paint!  Get rockin’ and rollin’ on over for Sphero Fun!
Early Bird Registration:  $245  after March 31, 2019:  $265


Musical Instrument Construction Workshop
Instructors:  Suzanne Higgins & Ashley Grebe
Grade level:  1 – 6

Create & construct your favorite musical instruments with non-traditional materials and recyclables!  Take a field trip to The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor and shop for just the right supplies to make your creations come to actuality!   We give Beat Box a whole new meaning!
Early Bird Registration:   $245  after March 31, 2019:  $265


Week 2 – June 17 – 21

Super Sleuths:  Back to Solve Another Case
Instructor:  Niki Buchanan
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg. – 2  **maximum 20 students                                                       

Are you ready to be enlisted into Daycroft’s top spy school?  Keep your identity secret as an undercover agent and report to our Super Sleuth training camp to learn the tricks of the trade and much more!  This message will self-destruct in three…two…one…
Early Bird Registration:   $245  after March 31, 2019:  $265


Holidays with American Girl
Instructor:  Jeanine Wright
Grade level:  2 – 6

American Girl dolls enjoy celebrating the holidays just as much as you do!  Campers will participate in an exciting, fun-filled week of American Girl and holiday-inspired projects that will include crafts, games, baking, and sewing.  Come take a step back in time with your doll to peek at the historical era that inspired the American Girl traditions.  **Campers may bring any doll as the instructor has AG dolls to share for the week.
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Robotics I: It’s the CLAW… Lego EV3 Robotics
Instructors:  Bill Joyce
Grade level:  3 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Come learn to build and program robots using a Lego EV3 Robotics kit.  Use and program sensors by color, touch, sound, gyro and ultrasonic!  Build a color sorter and the CLAW! Take on the challenge and battle too during this week of robotics fun!
Fee:  $265


Week 3 – June 24 - 28

Energy Busters
Instructor:  Bonnie Dingman
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 1                                                       

Are you ready to have your energy “busted”?  Need to burn some energy and have fun doing it too?  Have fun with obstacle courses, running games, tag games, jump ropes, hula hoops, scooters, parachute, pool noodles, water games, and rock wall climbing!  Keep active while having a blast inside and out!  No skills necessary
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Spanish Exploradores
Instructor:  Blaise Badynee
Grade level:  1 – 3

Travel the globe without ever leaving Daycroft!  Campers will take imaginary trips to a different Spanish-speaking country each day - exploring their culture along the way!  Our “trips” will be total immersion – travelers will use the Spanish they learn each morning to move about in their new country!  Play games, sing & dance, cook authentic foods, and learn a lot about Spanish and the regions where it is spoken!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Culinary Captivation:  “Let’s Have a Picnic!” 
Instructors:  Monica Gobba & Michele Spauling & Megan Nicholson
Grade level:  3 – 6 **maximum 12 students

Summer is here and it’s the season of FRESH foods!  In this summer-fun cooking and baking series, young chefs will create food for a picnic feast and of course, there are desserts!  Everything from fresh-squeezed juices to jellies and jams and frozen treats to crisp salad! 
And what’s a picnic without sweets? We’ve got those too!!  So…let’s get cooking!
Early Bird Registration:   $265   after March 31, 2019:  $285


Robotics II: Sensors, Remotes & Launchers
Instructors:  Bill Joyce
Grade level:  3 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Take it to the next level!  Expansion kits that include infrared sensors + remote, a ball launcher, and rubber treads.  Access up to 15 new builds from the Lego site!  Program the IR sensor + remote, arrays, messaging and file reading & writing.  Use complex techniques using gears!
Fee:  $265


Happy Fourth of July!  No camps offered July 1-5


Week 4 – July 8 – 12

Mermaid Mania
Instructor:  Amy Morell
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 1                                                      

Dive into the mystical world of mermaids for a week of adventure.  Using loads of glitter and things that sparkle, we will pack this week full of fun crafts that would make any aspiring mermaid happy!  We may even find some hidden treasures and cook up a mermaid treat or two while spending the week crafting and playing games.  This week is at the top of the “scale” of sparkly adventures!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Brain Monkeys:  Robot Builders Extravaganza
Instructors:  Katie Tilton
Grade level:  2 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Builders Extravaganza is buffet for the LEGO building connoisseur. We have designs for all levels of interest and imagination.
Of course these designs can be altered to fit the LEGO builders imaginative needs. The best part of this course, besides the building, is that we make these designs come alive using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot. Our designs move, walk,slither, roll, balance and even launch! Some of our designs include a robotic puppy, electric guitar, ball shooter, humanoid, Johnny 5 robot, mini-catapult, segway balance bot,
spy rover, flipping robot gymnast, remote control car, voice control car, bumper car, crazy lawnmower, rattlesnake and many more.

Fee:  $290


Dance Intensive:  So You Think You Can Dance?
Instructor:  Blaise Badynee
Grade level:  3 – 8

It’s called an intensive for a reason!  Get ready for a crash course in five different types of dance!  Every day will consist of classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical – culminating in a mini recital on Friday.  Designed to accommodate all skill levels so whether you’ve been dancing for years or never taken a class, all dancers are welcome!  Students should bring a water bottle to camp every day and wear clothing that allows for stretching and movement without being baggy.  Students may bring their own dance shoes or borrow a pair for camp.
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Week 5 – July 15 - 19

Shark Week!
Instructor:  Amy Morrell
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 2                                                       

If you think sharks are scary, interesting or just plain cool…then come take a BITE out of summer during Shark Week!  Learn about different types of sharks and their behaviors, some of the science about sharks such as what makes a shark a shark? And are sharks and rays related?  What’s the biggest shark that ever lived?  How good are shark senses?  Come learn more fun facts, play games, make crafts and do some science experiments all during a fun and fact-filled Shark Week.  Swim in for a good time!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Play With Clay – Week 1
Instructor:  Suzanne Higgins
Grade level:  2 – 6  **Two Week Camp – maximum 12 students

Students will begin by looking at books and images of pottery to get ideas for their own creations.  The first week of camp will be devoted to working with wet clay to build pieces using coils, slabs, and pinched forms.  After the pieces dry and are fired in the kiln, students will spend their second week glazing their work and helping to load it back into the kiln for glaze firing.  By being immersed in this creative process, students will increase their understanding of the possibilities of clay, altered forms, pottery tools and glazing.  On the final day, there will be a pottery show for fellow campers & families – always an impressive display of accomplishments!
Early Bird Registration:   $575   after March 31, 2019:  $595


Build Your Own Personal Computer
Instructor:  Bill Joyce
Grade level:  3 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Build your own PC starting with the Piper computer kit.  Program your computer using Python, a simple yet versatile, programming language used for everyone from beginners to professionals!  No experience necessary…you’ll learn everything you need to know to make fun and simple programs on your own self-built computer!   Test your code by making and playing your own version of the popular video game, Minecraft!
Fee:  $290


Week 6 – July 22 - 26

Happy Feet
Instructor:  Bonnie Dingman
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 2                                                       

Find your rhythm and use up that summer energy playing active games to keep your feet happy and your bodies healthy!  Make new friends and put all that extra energy into organized games while staying cool as penguins!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Play With Clay – (Second Week)


Ann Arbor Chess Camp
Instructor:  Ray Garrison
Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced Chess levels 
Ages 5 – 10  AND  Ages 7 - 15 *Students will be divided into appropriate ability level groups

Students will learn basic tactics and checkmate patterns, opening strategies, and basic endings.  This class is open to all students with or without prior experience.  Mr. Garrison is one of Michigan’s top-rated tournament chess players.  He has been teaching chess classes to children since 1996.  Students will be grouped by ability.  Every day there will be some type of tournament (bughouse, speed chess, puzzle contest, etc.) and also one slow game per day.  In addition, there will be instruction and review of games.
Early Bird Registration until March 31:  $299    -     April 1 – May 15:  $319    -     After May 15:  $349


Be the Change!
Instructor:  Blaise Badynee
Grade level:  3 – 6

Why not make the world a better place and have fun along the way?  Campers will make a difference in the world through a variety of topics – poverty, migrant farming, the Syrian refugee crisis, and endangered bumblebees – by completing projects like care packages for a migrant children's program, fundraising to support housing and education in Central America, and more!  Campers will “Be the Change” and have fun doing it too!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Week 7 – July 29 – August 2

Tiny Dancers/Mini Musicians
Instructor:  Blaise Badynee & Ashley Grebe
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 2                                                       

Dance and Music…the perfect duo for energetic campers!  Dancing, singing and playing musical instruments...ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop…the focus is musicality, rhythm and fun!  Come play instruments and explore the link between these expressive art forms and show off what you learn at our mini recital the last day!  Bring a water bottle every day and wear clothing that allows for stretching & movement.  Bring dance shoes and/or musical instruments if you have them or borrow some from our teachers.  Most importantly, come ready to have fun!   
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Game Club
Instructor:  Niki Buchanan
Grade level:  2 – 6

Guessing, board, card, paper & pencil, strategy, cooperative, dice, hand-held, computer, adventure, chance, playground, puzzles, and travel…What do all of these have in common?  They are all types of games!  Spend the week learning new ones and playing a favorite old one. This week is all about having fun, sharing favorites from home and accepting the challenge to learn something new.  Who knows…we may watch Ellen DeGeneres & friends play a few too!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Brain Monkeys:  Maker Club
Instructor:  Katie Tilton
Grade level:  3 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Make a catapult, a game or robot, an electronic sculpture or simply explore using materials and the resources around you.  In this camp session, students will become Makers and can construct using pre-created curriculum, build something new on their own or a combination of the two.  With the guidance of a Brain Monkeys experienced Maker & Instructor, students become Makers through daily challenges and projects that can help inspire and stimulate the imagination! 
Fee:  $290


Week 8 – August 5 - 9

Magical! Mystical! Marvelous! Mysteries!
Instructor:  Niki Buchanan
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.– 2                                                       

Explore the magic of children’s literature through listening and reading fairy tales, fables, folklore and fantasies.  Discover and dream, use your imagination, and create stories and crafts through the wonderful world of children’s books and current authors.  Share your favorites and make stories come to life as we act out and create the magic through books!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Get Fit with Blackbelt Karate Academy
Instructor:  Brandon Lockman
Grade level:  2 – 6

This martial-arts themed camp is a fun, active, sports-oriented camp for BEGINNERS and EXPERIENCED martial arts students alike.  Emphasis on cardiovascular, endurance, and strength building exercises.  Play simple karate games and drills to padded nunchaku practice, obstacle courses, Ga-Ga ball games and much more!
Fee:  $275


Summer Strings
Instructor:  Ashley Grebe
Grade level:  3 – 6

Join our Summer Strings ensemble and spend your week making music with friends!  Our orchestra will play new and exciting music and even compose some of our own!  The last day of camp we will put on a concert showcase for other campers and our families.  Openings for violin, viola, cello, and bass with at least one year of playing experience.  Instruments must be provided by the student.  Ability to read music is strongly preferred.
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Drones, Drones, Drones!!!
Instructor:  Bill Joyce
Grade level:  4 – 6  **maximum 12 students

Drones:  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – come learn the basics of flying drones and comparing various drone designs using the Flybrix drone kit – including octo, hex, and quad airframes, as well as experimenting with modifications to make your drone faster, more durable, and easier to fly.  Join us for a mini drone design competition too!
Fee:  $290


Week 9 – August 12 - 16

Get Ready For Kindergarten!
Instructor:  Loree Clifford
Grade level:  Young 5 & Kdg.                                                       

Come join the fun and meet new friends too!  Tour the Zeeb campus, explore a workplan, play games, have fun and discover what’s new.  Going to kindergarten will be easy for us!!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Glue, Glitter, & Beyond
Instructor:  Michele Spaulding
Grade level:  1 - 3

Let your imagination soar!  There are endless possibilities and loads of materials to create and construct the projects of your dreams.  Glue it, glitter it, whatever it takes…but have fun constructing a teacher-guided projects or creations of your own every day!!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265


Brain Monkeys: Story Animation with Scratch
Instructor:  Katie Tilton
Grade level:  2 - 6  **maximum 12 students

Bring your stories to life using animation!  Using Scratch, a computer learning tool and visual programming language, students will create animated characters, backgrounds and learn the basic parts of a story to create an animated story.  No previous experience needed but basic computer skills are helpful.
Fee:  $290


Cultura y Español
Instructor:  Blaise Badynee & Ashley Grebe
Grade level:  4 – 6

¡Vámonos!  Let’s spend a week singing, dancing, exploring other countries, and speaking Spanish!  We will “visit” a different Spanish-speaking country each day and learn about its music and traditional dances.  Learn to use Spanish to navigate through an airport, order food at a restaurant, haggle at a market, and so much more!
Early Bird Registration:   $245   after March 31, 2019:  $265

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